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Lampshade Factory

fabbrica paralumi

The scrupulous care of every detail, a recognized characteristic of Made in Italy, is enhanced by the manual ability of a team of master craftsmen who manufacture lampshades, dedicating themselves with rare passion to their works. Every single piece is worked in order to reach that excellence of the finish which, together with the preciousness of the materials, makes it worthy of the name Renzo Del Ventisette. The art of forging combined with the meticulous ornamental processing of the lampshades, allows the performer an extreme formal freedom, in the creation of sinuous structures and delicate decorations.

In this sense, the decision to carry out the entire production cycle within the company today, just like over half a century ago, is fundamental: between trusted people, who know each other’s value and work side by side to give life to small great masterpieces. Here, once again, the passion that becomes a concrete object is revealed. A result that is achieved only by unhurriedly applying the skill acquired over years and years of commitment and dedication, each thinking of their own gestures not as a banal repetition, but as an authentic self-expression.

Every single element is finished with rigorous care, until it reaches the level of craftsmanship that has always produced unmistakable lampshades signed by Renzo Del Ventisette. The highest quality materials are further ennobled by subsequent processing, which takes place entirely within the company, by expert hands. A decisive added value, capable of making a real difference.