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Restoration of Milan chandeliers

restauro lampadari milano

When we dedicate ourselves with passion to the restoration of chandeliers, we do so with the awareness that our customers love to surround themselves with authentic testimonies of beauty, objects with a story to tell, precious not so much for their economic value as for what they can and know to express.

With targeted interventions on ancient and modern light objects, we do nothing but fulfill our most cherished mission, that of preserving a pleasure that gently expands from the gaze towards the soul and whose effect over time, contrary to what was born only to amaze, it does not tend to fade but to strengthen itself. Like a certainty that will never abandon you.

The sensual beauty of the style signed by Renzo Del Ventisette represents an invitation to rediscover the deep meaning of tradition. That is, of a Made In Italy that maintains its characteristics, its artisan soul, and that finds precisely in this loyalty to its roots the reason for its vast success in the world.

The search for new solutions for the restoration of chandeliers, for interpretations in tune with modern taste, leads to explore new ways of expression while safeguarding the natural essence of the object entrusted to our hands. This is because we enter the contemporary world with balance, without sensationalism but with a perfect sense of measure: as it is in the spirit and philosophy of its long history.