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Restoration and gilding of frames

restauro cornici dorate

Since 1948 the company Renzo Del Ventisette, expert in the production of lighting articles, has been configured as a real incentive for the rediscovery of tradition. Thanks to the profound skill of craftsmanship, combined with a careful research of materials, the products made acquire a high quality and timeless elegance, able to make satisfied anyone who relies on our work.

Our main objective, when we deal with the restoration of the golden frames, is to bring to light the ancient beauty of these magnificent furnishing accessories. Our passion for beautiful things, combined with the craftsmanship that has always distinguished our company, translates into results able to satisfy any look, and to give pleasure to any soul.

The interventions that are performed on the frames tend to the conservation and strengthening of the structure, with a particular focus on the aesthetics of the final result, especially in the event that signs, scratches or dents are present in the material that covers the structural frame. Following the appropriate treatments, the ancient splendor of gilding, lacquering and polishing will be restored, with the main objective of recovering as much as possible of the original artefact.

Thanks to the restoration works offered, the awareness of how the passage of time, instead of weakening the beauty of these real works of art, can have the opposite effect: making them even more poetic and full of charm. Each mirror painting or print will find the perfect contour following the restoration work offered: each treatment is analyzed down to the smallest detail, making the restoration a true art of precision and skill, able to recover the magnificence even of the worked frames with the most particular techniques.

Our continuous search for ever new solutions for the restoration of the golden frames, giving them new interpretations that lower them in the modernity of the times we are living, means that they acquire an innovative aspect, while maintaining, however, the original spirit of the object entrusted to the our care. In this way, the beauty of these furnishing accessories acquires timeless elegance, expressing itself best in any environment and style.