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Restoration of antique furniture

restauro mobili antichi

Bringing back an old piece of furniture and bringing it back to its original splendor is an art that Renzo Del Ventisette knows well. The restoration of antique furniture is a combination of craftsmanship, technique and passion, which combined with the experience of over 60 years, leads us to offer the best to our customers. Each piece of furniture has its own nature and life, identifying them is the only way to make a real work of art. The restoration rules foresee a capillary analysis of the object, understand what has ruined it and understand what its strengths are. With these bases it is possible to make a perfect restoration of antique furniture, even on more complicated ones, such as inlaid furniture.

The customer who turns to Renzo Del Ventisette is a demanding customer with a refined taste, a person who appreciates the refined craftsmanship of a job. In the furniture restoration service we start from a broad view of the furnishing accessory, we can identify the era to which it dates, the type of wood and the exact style that distinguishes it. This allows us to perform a conservative or directly antiquarial restoration. Understand if there are parts to be replaced or consolidated, which polishing to perform and if the patina of the furniture deserves permanence or paint stripping. The products used are carefully chosen, the experience and prestige of our company have led us to the exclusive use of high quality products. And from this we start to do justice and elegance to every restored piece of furniture.

The moment of the carpentry is that which represents one of the most focal points in the works signed by Renzo Del Ventisette: the true restorer intervenes with the delicacy that an antique piece of furniture deserves and recovers all its hidden strengths. The cleaning of the surfaces and a light grouting are successive phases that deserve all our care; sometimes the holes may appear irreversible, but the art of restoration distorts this too. The sanding is done with the same delicacy with which the sanding will take place, to allow the piece of furniture to resume its lost shape. The refinement of a restoration then consists in the realization of a perfect chromatic harmony, each part of the furniture must be of a natural color.

Thanks to the wax it is possible to complete the final act to restore the splendor of the past to the piece. Transforming an ancient defect into a present value is the antique furniture restoration service offered by Renzo Del Ventisette.