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Furniture restoration

Furniture Restoration in Milan Italy - Renzo Del Ventisette

The furniture restoration service is an activity that we have always taken care of, with the utmost rigor, an intervention that we carry out with great enthusiasm being, our company, composed exclusively of real lovers of antique furniture.

The passion for these evocative furnishing elements, which obviously also include chandeliers, has led us over the decades to constantly perfect not only our production activities, but also, precisely, the restoration interventions, are they dedicated to furnishing elements made by our company or even by other manufacturers.

The charm of antique furniture, on the other hand, is really out of the question, whether it is small pieces of furniture or, on the contrary, large-sized furniture, and it can be ideal not only for interiors furnished with a purely design traditional, but also to embellish contexts with a more contemporary style.

To this aspect, certainly very important, is also added the great historical and emotional value that these furniture can preserve: beyond its aesthetics, a piece of furniture handed down from generation to generation, or donated, in the past, by a loved one, deserves absolutely to be treated with special attention, therefore to be impeccably preserved.

The restoration of an antique piece of furniture, no doubt about it, represents a real art, an art that very few artisans, in Italy, are now able to perform according to tradition.

Our restoration begins with a very careful evaluation of the condition of the furnishing element: based on multiple parameters such as the types of materials it is made of, the relative level of conservation and its internal structure, we plan in detail all the operations to be performed to give the furniture a new splendor, without however distorting its original design and style.

For all the activities that may affect our restoration, therefore stripping, repainting, grouting, polishing, strengthening of the structure or more, we select the products to be used in an extremely rigorous way.

In addition to this, the quality of our restoration service is linked to the decades of experience of our craftsmen, and of course also to their great manual ability. In addition to the aesthetic objective, our intervention guarantees the furnishing element that it can be preserved flawlessly for long years.

Every single furniture restoration service represents, for Renzo Del Ventisette, a mission to be accomplished with care, passion and great craftsmanship rigor.