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Restoration of old wooden tables

restauro tavolo in legno antico

An antique wooden table always manages to earn a starring role by capturing the gaze of the onlookers, thanks to its refined design of the past, full of inlays, decorations and unique details. Anyone who owns a similar table can return it to its former glory, highlighting the particularities that only natural wood can offer, thanks to the intervention of expert restorers who can recover the furniture without altering its style and originality.

Reliable and with an experience of over sixty years in the furniture sector, the Lombard company Renzo Del Ventisette performs the restoration of an antique wooden table and other types of furniture, from the Baroque, Napoleonic or neoclassical era, with artisan techniques which guarantee optimal results.

Without proper maintenance, wooden tables tend to develop micro breaks, woodworms, loss of color and, to restore natural characteristics, targeted interventions are necessary.

Renzo Del Ventisette carries out the restoration activities seriously and only after an analysis aimed at assessing the stylistic characteristics and the level of conservation of the furniture. Once the table has been examined, the necessary operations are planned to eliminate any imperfections.

The restoration works are the result of a real art that can be best performed only by expert antique craftsmen, who act by repairing the furniture without compromising its aesthetic beauty, recovering the details and bringing it back to its original splendor.