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Restoration of old frames

restauro cornici antiche

The ancient gilded wooden frames, in Baroque art or typical of the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries, are furnishing accessories that never go out of fashion, with an invaluable artistic value. Inlaid, simple or decorated, they represent a truly precious object with which to give an original and classy touch to your interior. The ancient frames that have some worms or imperfections can be refurbished, relying on expert craftsmen such as those of Renzo Del Ventisette. For over sixty years, the company has been dealing with the restoration of frames using artisan techniques aimed at intervening on the frame and structure, repairing any damage and restoring the old charm.

Each restoration must take place only after a careful analysis of the object, its stylistic characteristics and the materials with which it was built; only in this way will interventions aimed at recovering the object without distorting it be programmed.

The art of restoration involves the knowledge of manufacturing techniques that only specialized people have, such as the carpenters of Renzo Del Ventisette who, for three generations, have been working in the furniture sector and are able to modernize frames and antique furnishings of any era, making objects look like new.

Micro breaks, woodworms, loss of golden color and alterations of the decorations are carried out by expert hands through the restoration activities that allow to eliminate all imperfections. Renzo Del Ventisette, an internationally known company, offers its customers the opportunity to revive antique frames and furniture, through careful and meticulous workmanship, which only professionals who love the objects of the past can carry out. Thanks to Renzo del Ventisette, frames with rich decorations, particular details and inlays typical of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, can recover their ancient beauty by finding a place in modern homes.