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Chandelier repair

riparazione lampadari milano

Our highly professional and meticulously maintained chandelier repair service is the result of the great experience that Renzo Del Ventisette has gained in the decades between 1948 and today, as well as the very strong and innate passion for these furnishing elements with undisputed charm.

Considering the chandelier as a piece of furniture, as a detail that can simply embellish a given environmental context, is decidedly very reductive: on the contrary, a chandelier can play a leading role in interior design, indeed it can be the real and its own fulcrum around which to organize the style of a room.

Many classic style chandeliers, both small in size and with an imposing and majestic structure, can be considered authentic masterpieces in terms of beauty, accuracy of finishes, quality of craftsmanship.

Modern furnishings, more and more often based on practicality, functionality and simpler and minimalist design, have contributed to making the charm of luxurious chandeliers even more rare and precious.

In addition to the quality and elegance of many antique chandeliers, moreover, the emotional value that can characterize them cannot be neglected: many of these furnishing elements, in fact, can boast a centuries-old history, having been handed down from generation to generation, therefore being able to preserve them in an impeccable way and to show them off with pride in salons and interiors of any type certainly represents a great pride.

The repair of a chandelier is a very complex activity that requires experience, knowledge, and also of strong craftsmanship skills; our company is well aware of this, for this reason it takes care of this service with truly extreme attention, as well as with the proverbial passion that animates our profession daily.

All the types of intervention that can be useful in these cases, therefore, for example, grouting, polishing, cleaning, stripping, repainting and others, are carried out with very meticulous attention, without obviously neglecting the repairs related to the purely aspect functional of the chandelier.

Our repairs allow the chandelier to recover an impeccable appearance and functionality similar to that of a newly made product, while respecting the shapes, finishes and design that have always characterized it, since its origin.

If you are looking for a quality chandelier repair service, ideal even for the most luxurious and extremely high-value models, our company can guarantee faultless professional interventions, both as regards the chandeliers made by our own company, and in relation to models created by other manufacturers.