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Company profile

The company, named after its founder, a leading Florence businessman, was set up in 1948 at its historic headquarters in Corso Monforte, Milan. Renzo Del Ventisette’s business is an enterprise that originated with a decidedly family management, featuring a craft style which in the 1960s won it a leading position in the field of classical lighting.

Today RENZO DEL VENTISETTE is a front line industrial entity, run by the five Del Ventisette brothers. Their long experience in the field has enabled the brothers to create objects that are unique for their value, illuminating spaces and shop windows in the main streets of the city centre and collaborating with the most significant Italian architects. The style is prevalently classical and elegant, featuring high quality finishes in wrought iron, bronze and brass.

Over the last few years the company has dedicated itself to design, experimenting with new, provocative solutions, but maintaining that contemporary classical appearance that has always characterised its production.

The prerogative of the brothers have always stood out for aiming, through the creation of exceptional lamps, not only to light, but also to furnish, welcome and charm, according to the principles of excellent and absolute quality that are at the basis of every creation. This perfect blend of tradition and innovation has enabled experimentation in designs with new materials and distinctive shapes, without neglecting quality craftsmanship.