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  • The foundation

    Renzo Del Ventisette Senior, right after the End of Second World War, begins his own Chandelier’s business connecting with the most prestigeous glass Factories in Murano. In 1948 he founds the company RENZO DEL VENTISETTE together with his wife Gina, creating unique and innovative pieces, result of his backgrounds and knowledge of florentine style wrought iron mixed up with craftsmanship of Murano Glass Masters.


    From the very beginning the Company obtained an extraordinary success that launched it in the ’60 as one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the domestic market, with more than 70 employees and two branches settled in Florence and Rome respectively.


    Entrepreneur considered in the van of his time, Renzo was one of the first importer of bohemiam Crystals and Chandeliers, granting his Company an undisputed market’s success.

  • The showroom

    In those Years also Renzo Senior’s son Carlo Del Ventisette, well know as clay-pigeon shooting olimpic’s Champion, joined the Company with his wife Gianna, increasing the success of the brand by opening in December 1969 a new showroom in Piazza Cinque Giornate in Milan ( later transferred to Viale Premuda ), with an excellent and prestigeous Exposition of lighting Chandeliers and antique Furnitures. A marvellous showroom located in the Heart of Milan where classic Furnitures were mixed with fine Antiques manufactured in England, France and Netherlands as well as ceramics and silver plates.

    Thank to the Collaboration with Architect Vallini, one of the most prestigeous lighting Designer at that Time, the Company increases his experience in the workmanship of new materials as the die-cast Bronze, enabling the increase of the export of his products and finalizing important Projects with customized chandeliers in huge shapes, mainly in the Middle East area.

    Inspiration of Architect Vallini influenced the third generation of the Family as well: he was, in fact, Teacher of Renzo Jr., Carlo’s first Son, who, together with his brother Marcello, Designer and Production’s Chief today, created and still do Majority of RDV Collection.


    Carlo’s Passion for shooting and car races, allowed him to build new Friendships with some of the most famous Character in the World of Sport as Formula 1 Driver Jackie Stuart and the Founder of his homonymous Company,Mr. Enzo Ferrari.


    In 1970 Renzo Del Ventisette buys and guides as Chairman A.S. Livorno Football Club.

  • Years of lead

    In the ’70 Carlo and Gianna must face an impressive economical recession and consequent reorganization of the entire structure of the Company.


    In the meantime the third Generation of the Family (consisting in their 5 sons Renzo jr.,Franco, Alessandro, Marcello and Roberto) progressively entered the Company.

  • New collection

    With the new “floreal” collection designed by Renzo Jr. and Alessandro, and thanks to the huge variety of special decorations applied, the Company had a new sudden success that allowed his return to the Gold of the italian lighting Industry.


    A new net of domestic and european agents was settled, meanwhile impressive was the success achieved in Russia and overseas in the Middle East and United States.

  • Point of reference

    Since the company is run by the 5 brothers, the downtown showroom became an important and strategic landmark for classic and luxury lighting Design in Milan.


    Due to showroom’s Managers Roberto and Franco continous researches in their frequent travels worldwide, the Shop develop an important alternative market section in the restoration of antique furnitures and chandeliers.


    Company style although loyal to his classic backgrounds, develops every year through his technical department, new collections following the market demand and trand, as a result of his deep knowledge of most prestigeous materials and craftsmanship with wrought iron, bronze, brass and crystal.

  • The Forth generation

    When the forth generation (today represented by Laura, daughter of Renzo Jr.) joined the Company, a new approach has been explored, with a closer attention to the contemporary and modern design.

  • International markets

    Sale’s Net of RDV today works closely and directly with showrooms, Interior Designer and Lighting Consultants worldwide.


    The Opening of Flagship Stores in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 2013, the future settlements in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur in 2014 and the increasing success of his brand in the international markets, raises RDV as one of the most important and reliable partners in the italian lighting Industry.