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Murano Chandelier

Semirezzonico chandelier designed bespoke for our customer, gold plated decoration and clear Murano glass, available in differnt colors

The semirezzonico Murano chandelier with an impressive diameter of 140 cm and a height of 300 cm embodies the essence of beauty and elegance. Crafted with artisanal mastery in Murano, each glass element reflects the skill and tradition passed down through time The combination of sinuous shapes and finely crafted details creates a luminous work of art that captures attention and bestows sumptuous elegance to the surrounding environment. expansive diameter accentuates its scenic presence, while the sophisticated interplay of colors and transparencies gives the chandelier a unique light, transforming the space it occupies into a realm of refined splendor.


DIAM 140 H 300 CM +ccanopy and chain